Here's all you get!

Join us in December for the "12 Days of Descript!" You'll get anytime access to our complete, 6-module pre-recorded Descript course, PLUS 12 days of demos, LIVE Q&A sessions and pre-recorded tutorials!


Step-by-Step Course Modules

Each module includes short and simple video lessons to walk you through how to use Descript to dramatically simplify your videos.


Live Q&A Sessions with Lou

You'll have 6 different opportunities to work with Lou LIVE, to address any questions or challenges you may have!


Pre-Recorded Tutorials and Demos

You also get 6 additional video tutorials and Descript demos, covering every aspect of recording and editing with Descript.


12 Days of Mastering Descript Software

Join us starting December 4th for 12 fun and festive days of learning how to leverage this amazing AI video software!


Surprise Guest Bonus Tutorials

We've also got a couple of surprise guest experts who will be providing special bonus tutorials!

Here's what you'll be learning in the 6 modules:

(All sessions are recorded, and available 24/7.)


Descript Demystified

We'll dive right in with discovering what's possible with Descript. While exploring the possibilities, we'll show you where to start, tour the dashboard, explain the interface and review the many features.


Audio Editing Essentials

We'll show you how easy it is to sound like a pro, streamline your podcast production, and demo "stock voices," overdubs and voice cloning. The AI is so good (and simple) here that it's kinda scary!


Video Editing Secrets & Shortcuts

This is where the real magic happens, as you discover how to edit "text to video," add captions, graphics, b-roll (videos & images included in Descript!) and many more revolutionary features.


Advanced Editing Features

If you can edit a Word doc, you can handle the amazing visual effects and advanced features, such as the incredible "one-click" magic screen screen. Here's where we unlock Descript's full potential!


Descript Use Cases and Examples

Now we'll tackle real-world examples of how and when to use Descript, from using templates, to resizing and repurposing videos. We'll dig deeper to uncover dozens of practical ways to save time and streamline your creative process.


Final Project and Bonus Lessons

Here you get to apply the skills you learned to produce your own video project or podcast, and we'll show you the many ways (and many formats) you can share and distribute your new projects. But it doesn't end here: You've also got access to loads of bonus tutorials and practical Descript demos!

Count Me In!

Descript does it all... and makes other tools redundant and obsolete!

Who's behind this new Descript Mastery Course?

Lou Bortone is the "Godfather of Video," with over a dozen years as a video marketing pioneer. He's a Descript pro, and he's also the author of "Video Marketing Rules: How to Win in a World Gone Video!"

Before teaching and training entrepreneurs online, Lou was a marketing executive at E! Entertainment Television and Fox Family Worldwide in Los Angeles.